Fastest way to pass a drug test | Synthetic urine | Detox drinks

Fastest way to pass a drug test | Synthetic urine | Detox drinks

There are many different methods to pass a drug test, actually its quite easy most of them times.

The problem is there are too many information online, there are a lots of blofgs, videos and forums and they usually recommend something different. There tons of various home remedies for drug test, there are also a huge amount of detox drinks, synthetic urine and various marijuana detox pills.

If you buy a high quality synthetic urine, detox drink or detox pills such as Toxin rid, then you will pass the test easily, period. The reason why many fail, because there are so many fails guides and testimonials online.

Many blogs promote different detox products, but not because they work, but because they get some comission after every bottle sold. So be careful before buying anything, do always do your own research, if you are lazy at this step, that can cost you a lot later.

What is the fastest way to pass a drug test

There are 5 different ways to pass a urine drug test (In this article I will talk about urine test only). The possible ways are:

  • Synthetic urine
  • Detox pills
  • Detox drinks
  • Home remedies for drug test
  • Natural detoxification

Best way to pass a drug test: Synthetic Urine

I would recommend the first three option, and not because they cost money, but because they actually work. I have passed a coupe of lab drug test  (Quest diagnostics and Labcorp) with good quality synthetic urine and never had any problem. I recommend Sub Solution for lab test, as its the best synthetic urine on the market. If its not a lab test than Quick fix or Monkey whizz will also do the job.

But if you can try to get a bottle of Sub Solution synthetic urine, 75$ is not a big investment. Wether its a lab test or a simple dipstick test, you will pass, just make sure you follow the instructions and heat the urine up to the right temperature. You wont find any bad synthetic urine review of this product.

There are other fake pee brands what you can use, as I mentioned Quick fix and Monkey Whizz, those are a bt cheaper, but less complex.

fastest way to pass a drug test

Detox drinks for drug test

There are many low quality detox drinks on the market. Do not fall for their big promises and their nicely designed bottles. Most of them is just some colored liquid with some artifical test in a fancy bottle. If you decide to choose this way, then I recommend Rescue clenase and Mega clean. Both brand has excellent reputation. Make ure you buy the bigger bottle 32OZ for maximum effectiveness.

Detox pills for drug test

There are a couple of various detox pills as well, same applies here, most of these products are crap, they will tell you to do exercise daily, drink lots of water, change your lifestyle, go to sauna, take the pills every day and then, you will pass the drug test. The whole treatment usually takes 2-3 weeks, and its a bullshit because 14-21 days is enough in most cases to detoxify your body naturally.

One brand I recommend is Toxin rid. I have used it once, when I really wanted to get clean and not just to pass the test as fast as possible, so its probably not the fastest way to pass a drug test, but it does work and it does get you clean.

Toxin rid has different programs, ranges from 1 day to 10 days. I would recommend 5 days minimum, less than 5 days is not enough to flush all the toxins out of your system.

Home remedies for drug test and natural detoxification

I dont wanna bore you with these methods, because non of them are reliable. If its a simple urine drug test and you smoke regularly, than you will need at least 2-3 weeks to get clean.

So when you decide to go with the natural method (exercising,drinking lots of water,altered diet,stop smoking) then keep it in mind that it will take some time. Make sure you check yourself with a home drug test before the big test.

There are many bullshit home remdies such as goldenseal,Palo Azul tea or Cranberry juice. These might be healthy b, but non of them will help to pass any drug test. There is no way to pass a urine test just buy drinking a shitload of cranberry jucice.

The best home remedie called the certo drug test method, I will write more about it in the next article, but again, its not safe at all, use it only if you can not buy good quality synthetic urine or detox drinks for drug test.But among the bullshit homeremedies this is still the best one and it has a good 50% succes rate.

Benzodiazepines drug test : How To Pass

Benzodiazepines drug test : How To Pass

I’ve used Benzos myself, its very addicting. If you’re using  you don’t need a 10 day to detox benzodiazepine. I used the 5 day toxin rid detox. Passed mine but you HAVE to quit using benzos or using and other drugs.

Don’t listen to idiots who suggest certo, Palo Azul or any other natural home remedy bullshit, non of them work and you will be in a big trouble if you get caught. So how to flush benzodiazepines out of your system?

Passing a benzodiazepines drug test is relatively easy, it doesn’t stay long in your system and much easier then flush it out than THC or other drugs.

Benzodiazepines drug test : My way

So like I said I used Toxin Rid’s5 days detox problem for my benzo drug test and I passed it easily, but there are other ways as well. Fake urine or detox drinks can work very well too. The reason I used Toxin Rid because I wanted to get completely clean and not just pass that test. I was afraid I will be tested again, thats why I choosed the harder, detox route.

However I was a little bit confused because I saw some negative comment on toxin rid, this one for instace:

„ it’s flashed around on the internet, then chances are that it won’t work. Save yourself some money and your possibility of landing the job too.

This was a completely true statement, but I’m curious how you went on to testify for Toxin Rid?  I just failed my lab test and lost the opportunity at a great job after completing Toxin Rid’s 10 day detox program..  Followed all instructions perfectly, ate foods with little to no fat, drank gallons and gallons of water, exercised mildly and sat in a sauna twice..  I’m 6’2″ 205lbs..  I wanted it to work I truly did.. Hoped to have the chance to brag that I had finally found the real deal out there, but I didn’t..”

Easiest way to pass a benzo drug test

I am not sure what did he used, but if its a Benzodiazepines drug test then you will pass it just like I did. As I know weed stays in your system longer than benzos, but according to the manufacturer of Toxin Rid, these pills should detox your system whatever drug you are using.

If you don’t need to be completely clean just want to pass the drug test: then you can go with detox drinks such as mega clean or rescue cleanse, both work and they are under 70$. If you want to be 100% sure to pass it, then buy a bottle of Sub Solution synthetic urine. Obviously it works for all drug test not just for benzos. Make sure the test is unsupervised, otherwise you are ***ed.

how to flush benzodiazepines out of your system

Saliva, blood, hair benzo drug test

If its a saliva drug test, then you can use oral clear saliva neutralzing gum, it has pretty good reviews online, but I have never used it myself. Works for benzodiazephines, THC or any other drug, here is a comment from youtube:

„I took one oral clearn before the interview. I went for a job and didn’t knw they was going to mouth swab me..I went and sat at the table and waited for the lady to come give me my mouth swab..I was so nervous,I just knew I was fucked…it was some sanitizer on the table where I was sitting..first thing came to I put some in my hand..looked around put that shit in my mouth…when I said that bitch was hot..I mean my mouth was on worked..I was shocked. I used some medications (opiates) earlier and I am also a regular marijuana smoker”

Benzos are opiates, so it seems Oral clear is a solution for benzo swab tests. I am not sure about blood and hair drug test, but the regular detox way should work for benzos too. These cleansing methods for urine, hair, blood and saliva work for all drugs not just for weed.

So if you are wondering how to flush benzodiazepines out of your system Toxin Rid detox pills are the best way, every other method is just masking, but who cares as long as you pass that test.



Teen Drug Abuse: Encouraging Your Teenage Child to Avoid Drug Use

Teen Drug Abuse: Encouraging Your Teenage Child to Avoid Drug Use

Every parent wants their children to make good decisions when it comes to drinking and doing drugs but you can’t expect your child to say no to drugs if you have never said anything to your child about them and about how you don’t approve. If you want your child to stay away from drugs, than it’s important you teach them how to avoid drugs and say no.

Almost every teen is offered, curious, and has tried drugs but that doesn’t mean that every teen WILL say yes when they are offered. If your teen is curious about drugs and you have never told them to stay away from drugs than they may just try it thinking it’s not that big of a deal.

Yes, schools do their best to warn children that drugs aren’t good for the body or your health in health class but to your child, that is just some teacher saying drugs are bad. So, it’s your job as a parent to make sure your knows why it is they shouldn’t be doing drugs and why you don’t’ approve.

You may think that your teenage child just knows that they aren’t supposed to be using drugs or aren’t supposed to be around drugs but you never know if they really believe you’d have a problem with it or not.

It’s best to start talking with your children about bad things like drugs, smoking and alcohol when they are younger so they can go into their teen years knowing that it’s wrong.

Teen Drug and alcohol Abuse

Get information.

Know what it is you are talking about when you speak to your children about drugs. Learn the facts, statistics of teens who use drugs, what happens when you use certain drugs, what the side effects are of all drugs, etc. If you go to your child wanting to talk about drugs, you want to be able to answer every question they ask or else they may not take your seriously.

If you are going to have a hard time remembering some of the facts, print them out for when you talk to your child so you can know you surely have all your information.

Be realistic.

Don’t go to your child and say “If you do drugs, you’ll die!” They won’t take you seriously and than they’ll end up doing it anyway since you made it seem like a joke. Talk to them seriously about drugs and tell them the truth. Don’t lie to them about anything, just be honest and open with your child. Be sure you allow them to ask any questions they want or else their curiosity will just build up inside.

What not to say: “Don’t EVER do drugs!”

It’s important that you don’t say this to your child.. Why? Because when children get angry at their parents what do they do? Rebel against the rules you set. If you tell them all the time to not do drugs, when they get angry at you or feel like rebelling they will immediately turn to drugs. Just be sure you are letting them know all the bad that can happen if they do drugs, to their body and their brain. Remind them how much it can do to their lives and relationships.

Don’t use yourself.

It’s important that you never use drugs yourself, not only drugs, but don’t let your child see you drinking alcohol either. If your child sees, hears about, or just knows that you have been using they will think it’s okay for them to do it.

Teaching your child about drugs is very important and crucial to their health. If you give your teen the proper knowledge and tools to avoid drugs than they won’t fall into peer pressure. Warn your child that their friends may try to get them to use drugs, but it’s important that you let them know it’s OKAY to say no and if their friends think they’re “lame” because of it than that just means they aren’t your child’s real friends.

Synthetic urine for drug test: The Safest Choice

Synthetic urine for drug test: The Safest Choice

In my previous article I described afew ways to pass a urine test: detox drinks,pills,home remedies and synthetic urine. In my opinion synthetic urine is the best way to pass a drug test, its cheap, easy to utilize and 100% safe if you follow the instructions properly.

Why Synthetic urine for Drug Test is The best Option

I always recommend synthetic urine for drug test because in most cases these urine tests are unsupervised, it might be supervised if:

  • Some accident happens at your work place
  • You are on probation
  • You are applying for high level goverment job

In every other cases these urine tests are unsupervised which means no one going to watch you pee, you can easily smuggle the sample in and submit it without getting noticed. There are two ways to fail: If you choose a low quality synthetic urine or if the sample is not on the right temperature. Its very easy eliminate these two options,all you have to do is to do a little research.

Obviously before paying for anything its better to check out some synthetic urine reviews, same apply for every detox products. Do not buy something just because the sales page recommends it. Obviously they want to sell you that product at whatever cost. They don’t give a fuck if you loose your job because of them, all they care is there comission.

Keep that In mind, if you want to save money and time and you just buy the first product what they guy in your local smoke shop give you, and doesn’t do your own research then you might in a really big trouble, you can loose your job, your freedom and of course your future.

Synthetic urine for drug test

The best way to find the winning product is to read some user reviews. Every product has reviews on big sites like Ebay and Amazon. If the comment is long and realistic that’s a good point, but if its just something like „ I passed my test easily, highly recommended’ thats not too convincing. There are tons of fake synthetic urine reviews on sites like Amazon, so use some common sense before buying anything.

Checking youtube videos are also a good option, if the video doesn’t sound promotional then its probably an honest review. If you find  a buying link for the product that means they want to sell you something, that’s always a warning sign to me.

Did you find the best synthetic urine?

After you checked some synthetic urine reviews, visited some blogs, youtube videos and marijuana forums, then you must have an idiot of what synthetic urine brand suits you to the best. I always recommend big brands like Quick fix, Monkey Whizz and Sub Solution.

I have used Sub Solution a couple of times already and I always passed my test. In my opinion its the best synthetic urine. I have used Quick Fix and Monkey whizz as well a couple of years ago they also worked, but as I heard Monkey whizz’s manufacturer didn’t update its formula in the last few years, so be careful with that. but again, do not listen to me, check some other sources see what other people say.

In my next article I will review a few synthetic urine brands, I know there are some really bad quality out there, but they are heavily marketed and they still scam many people who is new to this topic. I will list a few fake urine brands what work and some what you should avoid like plague.

The Ann Arbor Hash Bash: 40 Years of Pro-marijuana Activism and Celebration

The Ann Arbor Hash Bash: 40 Years of Pro-marijuana Activism and Celebration

The Ann Arbor Hash Bash takes place this year on April 2, 2017. Started in 1971 to protest the imprisonment of activist and poet John Sinclair, who had been given a 10 year sentence in Michigan for possession of two marijuana joints, it was an instant success.

The Ann Arbor City Council passed a law dropping marijuana possession fines to only $5, and even nowadays, the fine in Ann Arbor for marijuana possession is only $25 and a misdemeanor. Sinclair subsequently gained release from prison 3 days after that inaugural Hash Bash, and it has been going strong ever since.

For the 40th anniversary, Sinclair is expected to read poetry in the evening at the Ann Arbor club The Blind Pig. Festivities include bands, artists, vendors, and the celebration will take place on Monroe Street in the afternoon.

Former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson is expected to make an appearance, as well. Richardson is a well known marijuana advocate. Expected crowd turnouts will be from 5,000 to 10,000 people.

Michigan voters passed an ordinance recently approving the use of medical marijuana dispensaries, and the Ann Arbor/Detroit areas have quite a few dispensaries in business currently. While marijuana use has still yet to gain mainstream approval, the fact that

these dispensaries exist and are allowed to do business is a direct result of events like the Ann Arbor Hash Bash, which promotes responsible marijuana use. It is a true Ann Arbor tradition. Here’s to 40 more years!

Stop What You Are Doing and Read: Marijuana Will Not Kill You

Stop What You Are Doing and Read:  Marijuana Will Not Kill You

In late January of 2007 I posted an article titled “Stop What you are Doing and Read: Marijuana Will Kill You.” This article can be found at Associated Content here,

Since I published my piece on the dangers of Marijuana I have had well over 2,000 individuals read the article. I can imagine many of these people do not smoke the dangerous drug known as Marijuana, but many do.

I know this from the many comments I received from those who spent the time to read the article. Many of these marijuana smokers made it clear that they had been smoking for years, and they considered themselves to be just fine. Many of these comments can be found below the original article. They can be very entertaining.

positive benefits of marijuana

The original article presents the case that Marijuana is an extremely dangerous drug, and it provides multiple examples of why this is arguably true. The one thing many of the readers failed to notice is that the article was not meant to be taken seriously. I was under the wrongful impression that maybe only one or two would mistakenly take the article to be a serious piece, but many did.

I wrongfully assumed that if a person had only half of a brain they would immediately discover the article to be a work of humor, one which looks into popular culture and the “anti marijuana movement” that has roots in the classic movie Reefer Madness and continues to this day.

I am in awe that after nearly one and a half years I am still receiving messages regarding this article. Ninety percent of these messages condemn me for my strong stance against Marijuana.

The remaining ten percent found the article humorous, as it was meant to be. A word of warning to fellow writers, be careful what you write, sometimes your work will go over the heads of many. Sometimes what you post will haunt you with the many hostile messages you will receive over a long period of time. And on a final note, no, marijuana will not kill you.

Users of marijuana have to find how long it stays in their system

Users of marijuana have to find how long it stays in their system

Every person in our time has a busy schedule and an array of expectations on the enhanced lifestyle. However, they get both favourable and unfavourable things in their routine life. For example, many adults nowadays take pleasure in the marijuana and get much difficulty with the drug test.

As a user of marijuana, you may think about how long marijuana stay in your system and the safest method to get rid of possibilities of an unfavourable result in the drug test. You have to identify and keep in mind that a large amount of marijuana stays in your body can be detected for over a week.

An exact detection time is based on how long you have used the marijuana and the type of test you take. Even though loads of marijuana detection tests are available at this time, the most common tests are urine tests, blood tests, hair tests and salvia tests. Every test is different in various aspects. For example, urine tests detect THC-COOH that is not at all psychoactive. The blood test detects the psychoactive version of THC.

As a beginner to top factors for finding the cannabis, you have to consider the body fat content, exercise, hydration, drug strength, metabolism and other factors like gender, age and height.

You may get an idea to flush out your system before the marijuana drug test with an objective to avoid the positive result. You have to quit this useless idea. This is because this approach has limited effectiveness at best particularly on short notice. This is advisable to avoid using marijuana when you expect to be tested within the upcoming month. You can properly moderate the strength of this drug when you have to use it. You can take note of easy to follow guidelines about how to deal with the drug test and make an informed decision without any delay.