Fastest way to pass a drug test | Synthetic urine | Detox drinks

Fastest way to pass a drug test | Synthetic urine | Detox drinks

There are many different methods to pass a drug test, actually its quite easy most of them times.

The problem is there are too many information online, there are a lots of blofgs, videos and forums and they usually recommend something different. There tons of various home remedies for drug test, there are also a huge amount of detox drinks, synthetic urine and various marijuana detox pills.

If you buy a high quality synthetic urine, detox drink or detox pills such as Toxin rid, then you will pass the test easily, period. The reason why many fail, because there are so many fails guides and testimonials online.

Many blogs promote different detox products, but not because they work, but because they get some comission after every bottle sold. So be careful before buying anything, do always do your own research, if you are lazy at this step, that can cost you a lot later.

What is the fastest way to pass a drug test

There are 5 different ways to pass a urine drug test (In this article I will talk about urine test only). The possible ways are:

  • Synthetic urine
  • Detox pills
  • Detox drinks
  • Home remedies for drug test
  • Natural detoxification

Best way to pass a drug test: Synthetic Urine

I would recommend the first three option, and not because they cost money, but because they actually work. I have passed a coupe of lab drug test  (Quest diagnostics and Labcorp) with good quality synthetic urine and never had any problem. I recommend Sub Solution for lab test, as its the best synthetic urine on the market. If its not a lab test than Quick fix or Monkey whizz will also do the job.

But if you can try to get a bottle of Sub Solution synthetic urine, 75$ is not a big investment. Wether its a lab test or a simple dipstick test, you will pass, just make sure you follow the instructions and heat the urine up to the right temperature. You wont find any bad synthetic urine review of this product.

There are other fake pee brands what you can use, as I mentioned Quick fix and Monkey Whizz, those are a bt cheaper, but less complex.

fastest way to pass a drug test

Detox drinks for drug test

There are many low quality detox drinks on the market. Do not fall for their big promises and their nicely designed bottles. Most of them is just some colored liquid with some artifical test in a fancy bottle. If you decide to choose this way, then I recommend Rescue clenase and Mega clean. Both brand has excellent reputation. Make ure you buy the bigger bottle 32OZ for maximum effectiveness.

Detox pills for drug test

There are a couple of various detox pills as well, same applies here, most of these products are crap, they will tell you to do exercise daily, drink lots of water, change your lifestyle, go to sauna, take the pills every day and then, you will pass the drug test. The whole treatment usually takes 2-3 weeks, and its a bullshit because 14-21 days is enough in most cases to detoxify your body naturally.

One brand I recommend is Toxin rid. I have used it once, when I really wanted to get clean and not just to pass the test as fast as possible, so its probably not the fastest way to pass a drug test, but it does work and it does get you clean.

Toxin rid has different programs, ranges from 1 day to 10 days. I would recommend 5 days minimum, less than 5 days is not enough to flush all the toxins out of your system.

Home remedies for drug test and natural detoxification

I dont wanna bore you with these methods, because non of them are reliable. If its a simple urine drug test and you smoke regularly, than you will need at least 2-3 weeks to get clean.

So when you decide to go with the natural method (exercising,drinking lots of water,altered diet,stop smoking) then keep it in mind that it will take some time. Make sure you check yourself with a home drug test before the big test.

There are many bullshit home remdies such as goldenseal,Palo Azul tea or Cranberry juice. These might be healthy b, but non of them will help to pass any drug test. There is no way to pass a urine test just buy drinking a shitload of cranberry jucice.

The best home remedie called the certo drug test method, I will write more about it in the next article, but again, its not safe at all, use it only if you can not buy good quality synthetic urine or detox drinks for drug test.But among the bullshit homeremedies this is still the best one and it has a good 50% succes rate.