Stop What You Are Doing and Read:  Marijuana Will Not Kill You

Stop What You Are Doing and Read: Marijuana Will Not Kill You

In late January of 2007 I posted an article titled “Stop What you are Doing and Read: Marijuana Will Kill You.” This article can be found at Associated Content here,

Since I published my piece on the dangers of Marijuana I have had well over 2,000 individuals read the article. I can imagine many of these people do not smoke the dangerous drug known as Marijuana, but many do.

I know this from the many comments I received from those who spent the time to read the article. Many of these marijuana smokers made it clear that they had been smoking for years, and they considered themselves to be just fine. Many of these comments can be found below the original article. They can be very entertaining.

positive benefits of marijuana

The original article presents the case that Marijuana is an extremely dangerous drug, and it provides multiple examples of why this is arguably true. The one thing many of the readers failed to notice is that the article was not meant to be taken seriously. I was under the wrongful impression that maybe only one or two would mistakenly take the article to be a serious piece, but many did.

I wrongfully assumed that if a person had only half of a brain they would immediately discover the article to be a work of humor, one which looks into popular culture and the “anti marijuana movement” that has roots in the classic movie Reefer Madness and continues to this day.

I am in awe that after nearly one and a half years I am still receiving messages regarding this article. Ninety percent of these messages condemn me for my strong stance against Marijuana.

The remaining ten percent found the article humorous, as it was meant to be. A word of warning to fellow writers, be careful what you write, sometimes your work will go over the heads of many. Sometimes what you post will haunt you with the many hostile messages you will receive over a long period of time. And on a final note, no, marijuana will not kill you.